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"Put me down!"
I truly believe in my heart that it would kill them to say please. 
The princess squirms in my fist, I duly ignore her. I'm not rude mind you, in fact, I've been told I am quite terrific to converse with. Which to be honest could simply be my intimidation factor, but I choose to believe that the highly esteemed company with which I prize my time views me with fonder regards than that, and looks beyond the teeth and my temper. Besides, even the most eloquent of chaps can be forgiven for ignoring a ladies comment, especially a rude one, whilst they are being fired upon by no less than forty archers. 
Also, I'm a dragon. Deal with it. 
But, since I am feeling particularly jubilant today, and yes it is possible to feel jubilant whilst being fired upon by no less than forty archers, I decide to respond after all. Tilting my head back I let loose a fantastic roar, causing the princess to clasp her hands over her ears and the knights below me to quake with
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True Friends: Chapter Fifteen
His eyes appraise me, gentle, concerned. 
No trace of the monster is left in them as he whispers my name. I am barely able to croak his back. He smiles, either managing to hear it despite my pathetic attempt at speech or just reading my lips. A bit of blackish liquid remains around his mouth, but thankfully he seems to have wiped most of it off. I lean forward, putting my head between my knees. My heart pounds in my chest so hard it hurts, and I struggle to breathe, trying to stop my body from shaking uncontrollably. I can feel the warmth of his hand around me, it is soothing and frightening at the same time. I know any moment he could crush me in his grasp, or lose control again and devour me, or drop me, or any of what is a long list of possibilities when it comes to the power he has over me.  
But he doesn't.
"I'm so sorry Gideon... I-" He hesitates, and I finally find my voice.
"That wasn't you." I still sound quiet, even to me, but he seems to understand. He looks away a
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True Friends: Chapter Fourteen
I stare at the stars without really seeing them. 
What happened? 
A few days ago I was head giant slayer. I had reliable food, my father, and a place to call home. Now I am sleeping on the ground with a giant, a witch, a shapeshifter, and the daughter of one of my greatest enemies. 
A few days ago I had a bed. 
I sit up with a sigh, pushing my hair back from my face. Sage is sleeping peacefully beside me. I reach over and pull up her blanket so it covers her whole body. Her beautiful black hair is woven into a braid, I run my fingers over it lightly, enjoying the smooth texture. She mumbles something about toads and I smile despite my troubled mood, the familiar warmth spreading through my chest at the joy of being near her. 
Things could be worse. 
The ground shakes a bit and I jump, reaching for my sword. I have it h
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Drawing Hearts: Chapter Three
Joy had never been so un-interested in a movie in her entire life. 
Felix lounged on the couch, taking up the entire length, and then some. His feet were crossed lazily over each other, hanging slightly off the end. The popcorn bowl sat on his stomach, his left hand occasionally popping pieces into his mouth. Pale blue eyes focused on the TV. 
His right hand rested calmly behind her. 
The proximity was driving her mad. 
All of her life Joy had only ever been around a few select people. She didn't mind that much, she loved her family, and she had friends on the internet, but she had never spent time with another person outside of her family in such a casual manner. Yet here she was, resting on the chest of her brother's best friend, who she had never met before today. Who, like her brother, had a questionable history... who held her life in his hands.
Who treated her like a person. 
"You know, if we had opted for that cheesy English romance movie it might be mor
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True Friends: Chapter Thirteen
Don't keep glancing at them Cole.
But they're literally riding on your shoulder.
Play it cool.
Why does Gideon fidget so much?
Focus on walking.
Sage's perfume smells good, should I be able to smell it? She is awfully close to my head.
Are they as nervous as I am?
"So." Gideon cuts through the silence, nearly making me jump out of my skin. Luckily I don't actually do that and drop them. I finally allow myself to glance over at them. Sage sits closest to my head, per Gideon's request. She sits with both her legs dangling over my chest, kicking her feet on occasion and holding the neckline of my shirt in one hand for support. Gideon is sitting on my shoulder like he is riding a horse, which puts him sideways with a good view of Sage and the right side of my head. He smiles at me sheepishly, looking rather pale. 
Gideon is scared of heights.
"We're covering much more distance this way," He says. I nod, and the awkward silence resumes.
:iconlumieredarling:LumiereDarling 25 12
True Friends: Chapter Twelve
Chapter Twelve
I am going to die of old age before we get there. 
I stop for the hundredth time that morning, pretending to look around. The landscape is beautiful, lush green hills leading up to mountains covered in dark forest, their towering peaks making even me seem small. A great view no matter where you are is one of the pros of being a giant. 
Having to travel at the pace of humans? Con. 
Finally I allow myself to glance down at them. It isn't their fault I can cover twenty feet in a single step. Still, I am getting tired of wandering around and inspecting things, or pausing to gaze at the mountains around us, or taking one too many drinks from neighboring streams despite not feeling thirsty, not to mention the way too many bathroom breaks following those drinks.
Despite all of that I feel like I've been doing more standing than walking. Maybe I can have Sage use the amulet to wish up some horses tomorrow instead. I turn my gaze back to
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Drawing Hearts: Chapter Two
Chapter Two 
Felix kicked a can down the gray line of sidewalk in front of him. 
"Gee thanks, Jax, ditch your best friend last minute for work. It's not like I wanted to go to that concert or anything." He mutters to no one in particular. The can spun into the street and out of reach, he watched it with annoyed blue eyes. The day had been warm and sunny, but it was cooling down quickly. It didn't bother him much, it was still plenty warm as far as he was concerned. Arriving at his front door Felix pulled the key out of his front pocket, but it just hovered in midair as he gazed at the house next door. He and Jax had been neighbors since they were babies, and they had been best friends pretty much their whole lives. But there was something strange about his friend- outside of the house he was cool and fun, but Jax had never once invited him over. He'd never heard of anyone else being invited in either. The closest he had ever come to it was the front door, he'd never even
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God's Love
It's a whisper in the wind.
Light through a window pane.
The laughing of a child.
The refreshing scent of rain.
Light shining through pine needles.
The whisper of the trees.
The roaring of the ocean.
The buzzing of the bees.
Something so tangible,
so sweet and so beloved.
The substance of life;
God's love.
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True Friends: Chapter Eleven
 Chapter Eleven

I hear them file out of the doorway and watch as they emerge from my grandmother's porch and onto the lawn. Gideon leads, his steps confident. Sage follows, hopping off of the bottom step playfully. I smile sadly. I'm going to miss them. Marin is right behind Sage and I see him incline his head, almost looking over his shoulder at where I stand behind the house. But he doesn't alert the others, allowing me to go unnoticed for a little longer, a fact which I am thankful for. I still feel slightly shaken up after the hunting incident. It took me an hour or so to get myself cleaned up and brave enough to come near my human friends again. 
I should say something. But the words escape me. Besides, it isn't like they'd miss me if they bothered to look behind them and over the house. The tiny structure falls short of my knees, I'm not exactly hidden. One of them is bound to notice me eventually. So I remain quiet, and appreci
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The mightiest of birds!
I race through the forest. Mighty gusts bursting forth from my wings. The trees fly by, nothing more than the merest of blurs. I dodge all obstacles with the slightest of ease. A feathers flash with intense majesty. My wings pound a thousand times a second. The world is nothing below me. My beak cuts through the air like a deadly razor.
I fly wherever I please.
I the fastest of birds.
I the freest of birds.
I am the mightiest of birds.
I the great and awe inspiring, wait for it...
I know, impressive right?
I bet you're shaking right now, imagining me, the great guardian of the forest.
You are. Admit it.
I land on a branch, my eyes narrow fiercely as I size up the dastardly scum below me.
How dare anyone intrude on my forest.
How dare anyone be so bold.
Do they not know they are dealing with Razorbeak? The mightiest of all the hummingbirds.
Apparently not.
The eagle perches below me on a large pine tree branch. Cleaning his claws smugly as if he owns the place.
As if.
Not w
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Always by LumiereDarling Always :iconlumieredarling:LumiereDarling 8 5
Zenith: Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Thirteen
Kara gasps, sucking in air as the cool water rolls off her face. Spinning around she kicks her feet up, splashing them in a rapid bicycle kicking motion that sprays water into Zenith's face. He laughs and turns his head, large eyelids closing to shield his eyes from her tirade. A massive hand smashes into the water next to her, causing her to lose her balance and dive in retreat. She doesn't make it far. His powerful fingers wrap around her waist, effortlessly pulling her from the water. Kara kicks halfheartedly and giggles, the fingers flex and carefully slide her into his open palm, where she lays panting on her back. Once his hand stills she sits up, sticking her tongue out at him and laughing even harder at his wet face. The giant grins back mischievously, leaning forward and planting a kiss on her face, his tongue flitting through his lips to brush hers as he does. Kara yelps and pulls back, blushing. Her bones vibrate as he chuckles softly in amusement.
It's been
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True Friends: Chapter Ten
~Warning: Hinted violence and death. Also blood.~
Chapter Ten
    I pick at the bandage on the front of my neck absentmindedly. It seems like it was so long ago that Gideon found out about my giant form and put his sword to my throat.
How has is only been two nights?
I glance down at the tiny cottage next to me, feeling lonely. Everyone is in there, even Marin. Not long after they figured out that there is a chance for me to live a normal life again, they decided to gather inside of the house and discuss what to do next. I don't mind, I understand why they left me out. It's my fault they are here in the first place, and I think they feel like having the conversation in front of me will force them to go with me. I don't want them to come. It would be too dangerous.
That's what I tell myself at least.
I clench my fists and stand, I've been sitting here for two hours. If I am forced to sit here any longer I will lose it. I step over the house and stride into
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True Friends: Chapter Nine
Chapter Nine
I mumble something in my sleep about not wanting to return to the living.
"Cole wake up."
Just one more minute..
"COLE!" I feel something banging on my forehead, and reach up to brush it off without thinking. Then realization smashes into me and I freeze my arm mid-air, eyes opening. Marin waves at me from where he is perched between them.
"Good grief Marin don't climb on me like that while I'm sleeping, I almost went to brush you off." He laughs and leans backwards against my nose, crossing his arms, bare feet wiggling against my forehead.
"You fell asleep." I grunt. Bending my stiff legs, trying to work out the soreness from sleeping on the ground all night. I was never a huge fan of sleeping outside.
"Thanks Caption Obvious, your services have been of infallible use. What time is it?" He chuckles at my sarcasm and yawns.
"Around six in the morning, I was gonna let you sleep, but something is going on back at the house." I ra
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Borrowers and Beer Bottles: Prologue
Prologue: Caught!
This was it. I was going to die.
I squirmed against the human's enormous digits as he chuckles smugly to himself. No matter how hard I push the fingers don’t budge, only constrict more around my frame.
That bread so wasn't worth it.

"So you're the one who has been stealing from me?" His voice booms, rattling me to the core. Looking up I meet his fierce brown eyes and go limp. To my relief his crushing grip relaxes slightly.
"Please... I only took what I needed to survive." The giant snorts, the massive gust of air ruffling my hair and making me squint. His breath smells deep and musky, distinctly masculine. I feel a ping of jealousy, wishing I were the one holding him helpless in my fist. Heck I'd even take his build, it's far stronger than my lanky runner’s body. It's not like running did much for me anyway.
"Your kind has been on the news for days, causing quite the stir you are." He purrs, bringing me even closer to
:iconlumieredarling:LumiereDarling 26 28
True Friends: Chapter Eight
Chapter Eight
I roll over for the hundredth time tonight. Who knew the ground could be so uncomfortable?
I hate not being able to sleep.
Snorting in irritation I roll onto my back, blowing a strand of hair away from my forehead. I just want to be at home in my bed. Turning my attention to the tiny house beside my head I sigh, causing several of the hanging plant pots on my grandmother's porch to swing as if it were breezy. I reach out and turn my hand so the back is facing the cottage, looking back and forth between the appendage and building. My hand easily dwarfs the structure. I could probably push down on the roof and collapse it if I wanted too. I retract my hand and rub my eyes with a groan, when I pull back and open them I am met with a marvelous kaleidoscope of patterns. I smile, remembering how Gideon and I used to lay next to each other as kids, rubbing our eyes and trying to describe the patterns to see whose was cooler. We always tied.
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